Friday, June 6, 2014


Maintaining a healthy lifestyle not only impacts your physical body, but your mental, spiritual and emotional being as well.  

Here are a few tips to encourage you to keep pushing:

1.     Take It One Day at a Time- No need to hurry. These are YOUR goals.

2.       Preparation-This is an essential part in reaching your fitness goals. (as for everything)
plan your workouts, and most importantly your meals. (On Sunday for the week)

3.       Set Small Attainable Goals- Challenge yourself to workout 3 days a week, or walk a 5k, or walk 3 times around a track…whatever you do keep pushing yourself.

4.       STOP the Mental Gymnastics-Get your mind on your goals. Do a little positive self talk or apply your favorite scripture to capture those thoughts. Don’t talk yourself out of healthy living.

5.       Drink Plenty of Water-It is recommended that you drink half your body weight in water. So be prepared to make lots of trips to the restroom.

6.       Choose an Exercise You Enjoy-Not everyone loves the gym. Pick something fun that keeps your heart rate up, that way you will stick with it.

7.       JUST SAY NO-Sometimes we have to say no to what “looks good,” but it’s well worth your health. We aren’t talking…depravation just better choices.

8.       Get a Fitness Buddy- Find someone who will be encouraging, but will push you to reach your goals during the journey. After all it takes time. (perhaps a little wager)

9.       HAVE FUN-Make fitness apart of your life. Embrace it. Even if it’s a walk around the park, or not taking the elevator.  Small changes go a long way

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